29.12. 2012 // AGATHA // SEVERE // IvI 21:30


21.30 Uhr
Senckenberganlage / Kettenhofweg 130


Agatha is a two piece girl band based in Milano, Italy. Bass, pedals, noise and voice and drums, beats and loud cymbals.

„Agatha is a Bifrons-goatness with the faces of Pamela and Claudia, – kicking-in-your-face drums and double bass formula, burnt with vitriol. now everything is helplessly deep black, no oxygen left, – noise metal, hc, heavier than before, a mud bath of dirty distortion, faster and faster, slowed down by Pamela’s growling vocals. Sort of Melvins vs. Zeus! vs. the metal curvature of Unsane. Of course, with a feminine touch. Maybe not that feminine, actually. A kick in the ass is a kick in the ass. Gender makes no difference“ (Komakino)


Black Metal / Punk from Brussels