13. April: Action Beat, Bad Body, Mons Meg, Sense Of Adventure, The Crease

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Ein Abend, fünf Bands. In Frankfurt im Kommunikationszentrum alias KoZ am 13.04.’13 um neun.

ACTION BEAT is an improvised noise/no-wave punk band from Bletchley (Milton Keynes), heavily inspired by early Sonic Youth, The EX, Glenn Branca and other avant guitar ensembles.
When it comes to Action Beat, improvisation is the operative word, as although the band comprises a core of around five musicians, their cast can expand to as many as fourteen for the live shows. A normal gig will have at least three guitarists, a bassist and between one to four drummers. Musically they emulate the intensity of Fugazi and possess a touring ethos of Black Flag, hence, playing constantly. The whirlwind shows are the band’s secret weapon and so far they have gained much recognition in the UK and Europe. Needless to say Action Beat is completely DIY, and dedicated to being a true punk band. In their words, their main goal is „to play as many shows as we possibly can“.
Seeing Action Beat live is akin to standing inside a maelstrom of aural and physical violence. Guitartists propel themselves against walls, amplifiers, audience members and each other, all the while communicating with each other in an alien language of monstrous, undulating crescendoes and repetitions.

ACTION BEAT sind eine von Sonic Youth, the Ex, Glenn Branca und anderen Avantgardeensembles beeinflusste Noiserockband aus Bletchley in England. Sie sind viele. Ein Action Beat-Konzert ist wie in einem Mahlstrom akustischer und physischer Gewalt gefangen zu sein.

Am 13. April wird es wie in diesem Video, nur wilder!


Beatings – a film about Action Beat (2007):

BAD BODY has noise with words over it. Rehashed power electronics, creepy front man, sleazy sounds.
Krach, Geräusche und Worte.

MONS MEG is Don McLean (Action Beat) and Armando Morales. Disco Inferno.
Brummen, Dröhnen, Summen.

SENSE OF ADVENTURE Tape Deck Orchestra. The Friedrich Nietzsche of tape machine manipulation, or so he’d like to believe.
Viele, viele Kassettenrekorder.

Live Music: The Sense of Adventure Tape Deck Orchestra from MK Gallery on Vimeo.

THE CREASE http://www.reverbnation.com/thecrease/