Th’ Mole, AKA DJ 0.000001, makes undefinable music which is scientifically designed to make you happier, stronger, and more beautiful. With a live set combining colorful costumes, ridiculous dancing, confetti cannons, and sometimes a gorilla, he will make you rejoice and dance your pants off.

His music has been released by numerous indie labels (Daly City, Hectic, Zhark, Anti-Party, Vaatican, etc.), and he has toured Europe six times, as well as Canada, and many times throughout the US, sharing stages with such notables as DJ Krush, Venetian Snares, Ghislain Poirier, Living Legends, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mark Mothersbaugh, Alias, Riddlore, Jason Forrest, Drop The Lime, K-The-I???, Otto Von Schirach, Broken Note, 6Blocc, Filastine, Bizzart, Curse Ov Dialect, The Chicharones, Josh Martinez, Realicide, Bleubird, Hecate, Baseck, Sonic Death Rabbit, Orko, Mochipet, Hottub, Food For Animals, Azeem, and more. Whoop-tee-doo!!

BAD NEWS: th‘mole wird diesen samstag NICHT in frankfurt im IvI auftretten. leider gab es ein kleines missverständniss oder kommunikationsschwierigkeit was dazu geführt hat, dass er am 28. in berlin spielt. es gibt eine kleine chance dass das konzert nachgeholt wird mit ihm. ansonsten müsst ihr zu den homies nach darmi fahren http://www.facebook.com/events/235723123186264/ tut uns sehr leid.


with approximately 115db of complex sounding, yet rhythmical-melodic synthesis of eight legs, four heads, about 10 percussion instruments (acoustic / electronic), 5 stringed instruments (electronic / midi), ancient computers, roughly 357 keys (black / white) on ~12 keyboards (synthesizers / toys), somewhat 820 feet of cable and a digital mixing console. the later devices are to be found, placed on a table in front of a stage, which domiciles a drumset /w drummer, whilst the residual six legs simultaneously execute the process of actuating the remaining equipment by means of coordinating mazy movements in highspeed. Receiving the knertzy audio-visual simile may lead to impulse of motion.


NEWMEN is a trio distilling noise out of pop jungle(s), post garage(s) and neo wave(s).
A sound experience oscilating between asphalt, sun and disco. Oh, and by the way: they are boys from the corners of frankfurt.

Wie immer im IvI, Kettenhofweg 130, 60325 Frankfurt. Ab 21:30 Uhr werdet ihr rein gelassen…..